MYUNITTRUST.INFO is built by an unit trust consultant who is enthutiastic about personal financial planning as well as investment. Unit trust investment, as a diversified investment tool, is known as a good starting for an investment beginner to start the investment journey.

However, there are a lot of unit trust management companies in Malaysia. All the unit trust consultants are recommending and consulting based on their own products, which limit the knowledge of the investors about all the unit trust funds in Malaysia. Online trading is in fact the new trend in this Web2.0 era. Investors are encouraged to invest online.

While online transaction is becoming famous, investors are facing a challenges where they have limited information about all the unit trust funds. Hence, MYUNITTRUST.INFO is built to provide an one stop online unit trust funds information portal for all the Malaysian investors. Our ultimate aim is to provide detailed information as well as updated news about all the unit trust funds in Malaysia but not limited to a single unit trust management company's product.

Our Vision is to provide complete information of Malaysia unit trust funds to all the investors through this online portal.

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