As a new investor of unit trust, you may have a lot of questions about unit trust in your mind. All of these questions may influence your decision and direction of your financial freedom pathway. Here, few general questions from new investors had summarized and answered.

1. What is Unit Trust?

2. Why we invest in Unit Trust? What is the benefit?

3. Is there any disadvantage for Unit Trust?

4. What is the difference between Unit Trust and Mutual Fund?

5. Where we can buy Unit Trust?

6. Any requirement or minimum amount to invest in Unit Trust?

7. Is there a variety of Unit Trust in the market?

8. What is NAV?

9. Is there any charge and fee applied?

10. How to choose a fund to invest?

11. What if I do not have much of money? Can I invest as well?

12. What is the interest rate of Unit Trust?

13. Do I need to top up my investment every month?

14. Is the return of Unit Trust guaranteed?

15. If the stock market is going down, should I sell all my Unit Trust?

16. How long should I hold the Unit Trust?

17. What is distribution and unit split?

18. Should we only buy the fund with high historical distribution?

19. How can we know that how much we have earned or lost?

20. Can we sell the Unit Trust anytime we want?

21. What is switching?

22. How is the mechanism of switching?

23. Do I need to pay tax for the profit I gain from Unit Trust investment?

24. Anything in more detailed that I need to pay attention to when choosing fund?

25. Anything I need to do after I invest in Unit Trust?

26. What is the difference between Unit Trust and Share?

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